Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Let the posting BEGIN!

Well, since little Brenda did not have any drink-i-poos last night, methinks there may be a lot of posting today, since there are quite a few more brain cells present and accounted for than usual. And that means rambling, meandering, nonsensical thoughts. Unless I do a nooner.

Okay, just watched the video of the Trafalgar Square celebration (of London winning the Olympic bid). Some disturbing things. I don't have sound at my work computer (which I forgot about, because I ostensibly clicked the link to see if the cheering involved "huzzah" or "hip-hip-hooray"), so I can't be held accountable for the audio. However...if you watch this dreck, you will see that the ONLY woman anywhere in the room is the 16-year-old they've dressed up to be their handmaiden (silent, smiling, foreign). I mean COME ON! Throw me a bone here! You mean to tell me there isn't a single broad involved with the IOC. At least invite the damn French figure skating judge who screwed up Salt Lake (and tried to screw that nice Canadian couple - I mean, really, Canada is no longer French, get over it).

Next disturbing thing - it seems that a swarm of locusts descends upon the square halfway through the video. Multi-colored locusts. If I were the IOC, I'd certainly reconsider choosing a city that's susceptible to locust attacks.

And, finally...


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