Tuesday, July 05, 2005

True Dat

Is anyone else disturbed by the ads that state "we screen for marrieds and felons" (see link above)? Firstly, when did "marrieds" become a word? Secondly, when did they get lumped in with felons? I mean, I'm just as anxious as the next person to see more honesty in the dating world, but c'mon, isn't there a nicer way of saying, "if you're wearing a ring, get off of this thing?"

What's next? DNA testing? Perhaps the Jewish dating services can screen for circumicision - "Uncut doesn't make OUR cut!" Or maybe the Catholic site can screen for birth control - "Ortho Trycylcen? Ortho Try Somewhere Else!"

Ow, my hangover just suddenly got worse. Maybe I should take something. Yeah, like maybe I should take down a note and paste it to my forehead, "No more red wine for her. Seriously."

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