Monday, June 27, 2005

All this pithy thinking...

There's been much ruminating going on in my head the past couple days. Whether this is a result of a serious post-quitting-smoking bout with PMS or, just a nico-withdrawal symptom, some pretty heady subjects have been popping into my head. Of course, without the requisite answers.

Honesty. What is it really? How can there be complete honesty in a world of compromise, self-esteem, care/concern for the well-being of others. And I don't mean black lies, white lies...I mean just slight omissions - telling your friend their show was good...the haircolor, you're fine just the way you are. Well, of course you're not. We all are capable of improvement, of being better, fitter, smarter, more capable, happier, more reliable, more trustworthy, more...honest? Is honesty as a concept really possible in a society? And even if it is, is it really acceptable?

Now, I'm not here to advocate lying, not by any stretch. I just question the value of absolute definitions and values. When they can't be achieved, what's the point in placing so much weight on them? Of course, I'm going to fuck it up. Of course, I'm going to say the wrong thing...try to protect you...make you feel better...try to protect me...make me feel better. But who gets to draw the line? Who gets to ever feel like they know the whole truth?

Who gets to feel like they can trust?

Who gets to feel like they can trust you?

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