Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I guess I'm push drunk

One of my pet peeves (and even that...PET I have to walk them...feed them...empty their collective litter box...get them spayed/neutered/cauterized?) is a pull handle on a push door. Why, oh why, dear God answer me why? I pull and pull, thinking it's just stuck (or locked, I also consistently choose the wrong side of a set of double doors) until it finally dawns on me...duh! This must be a push door. Now, I ask, why am I the one to be made to feel stupid about this. The stupid one is the jerk who put a pull handle on a push door. Jackass.

The reason this peeve occurs to me is that I did a fair bit of pushing this evening. Only, I think I was at a pull door. I just can't seem to get it right.

When the illusions have taken a vacation
And you are left standing naked in the rain
Don't stop to ask some God for an explanation
It's plain to see that you've been duped
It's right before your eyes
By now you realize it's far from over

Another day, one more pointless destination
And you repeat all you'd done the day before
You try to cope with some rationalization
There's more, you see that you've been duped
It's right beneath your nose
No reason to suppose it's far from

Over, under, up again
The road repeats without a bend
The tunnel dark and has no end
You walk alone without a friend
The tyranny of day to day
The wage to earn, the bills to pay
The violence that simmers past your eyelids you must push it down again
Your fair weather friend

Awake to see that you've been duped
It's right up in your face
What time cannot erase: it's far from over

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