Thursday, June 02, 2005

Twenty Twenty Twenty Four Hours to Go-oh-oh...

How in the world did I end up working today? It's only 10 AM and I think I'm going to collapse. Now, before you think, "What a loser wimp," realize that I've actually been awake since noon yesterday. That's right, we have now just entered hour 22 of wakefulness. While this in itself is not extraordinary, I must also point out that there is little likelihood of my arriving home before 9 PM this evening. At that point I will be in hour 33. Ah, you say, therein lies the rub.

So back to the question of how I ended up working today (and by inference, why I didn't get any sleep). So, after putzing around on my computer like the geek I am, I retire to bed after 3 AM. At 3:19 I receive a phone call from my friend and industry colleague, Laurie. I answered the phone, because there is no earthly reason she would call me at such a ridiculous time unless there was a very good cause - an emergency. Turns out little Miss Laurie had become quite sick with bouts of retching and other activities not for the faint of heart. Needless to say, she needed someone to cover for her. I needed the money more than the sleep, and frankly I figured that if she was in such dire straits as to call me in the middle of the night, me sleepless was probably going to be better than her upchucking it up in the production winnebago. So off to the shower I went.

Now I am sitting here, in the mo-ho, so so so tired. And the day's not even a third of the way over. There's not so much for me to do right now, and I wish I could just take a nap. Just a little one. Or...maybe I already am?

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