Sunday, March 13, 2005

I think, therefore...

If you think you're going to find anything witty here, you might, but it won't be because I'm trying. So if you need that, quickly, move on, before the whole page quick about it now...

I think Tori gets away with such whacked out lyrics because she's such a compelling songstress. Her melodic lines just drive you to listen.

I think that spiders are our friends. They kill all the other little buggies. Saving our karma in the meanwhile. I mean, if I kill that ant, will I come back as a boll-weevil? I've got so many other shit-ass things to do, I don't need bad ant karma.

I think that winter sucks. I know it's good for the trees and for the annual plants (tulips, you have my everlasting respect), however this short day brick cold weather thing just needs to stop.

I think that I should be happier than I am. Which would just put me at slightly less than morose, but hey that's a start, right?

I think that I know the answer to my question. I just don't know what it is.

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