Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Night Post Mortem

Ah, weekends in Brooklyn is like living in the land that MTA forgot. I spent quite some time navigating trains today...which probably would have been more annoying had I not already been hungover/sleepy/exhausted from last night's exploits. Which were all very fun, indeed.

But how do you determine the type of fun? Serious fun? Noncomittal fun? Once-in-a-blue-moon fun? Bound to progress and happen again fun? Fool to do your dirty work fun? For a ruminator like me (as opposed to a ruminant, which is slightly different and involves cud) this is just too much unclear fodder. I want answers! Though I'm not likely to get them - at least not in anyway that wouldn't be mortifying. So I'll continue to blaze along in the dark, waiting for dropped hints and checking my inbox/phone/carrier pigeon for signs that I'm not a complete ninny.


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