Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I am milk.

If Shirley Manson is milk. I, my friends, am half & half.

Naughty & nice, richer & poorer, scared & alone.

That doesn't make any's...

THE 5:30 BLOG!!!

This is the blog that attempts to answer the question: What the hell am I still doing here? At work, not on earth, silly.

My boss has ducked out. I must wait for him to come back. But, why, oh, why? I didn't even take lunch today (well, I wasn't hungry when he told me to, and then he clearly forgot that I hadn't by the time our clients left and took off). Oh, insulin, where art thou?

Or even some joe. I could use a java pick-me-up and throw me about the room like the little whore that I am right about now.

Oh, well...c'est la vie. And then some.

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