Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why does nobody listen? And by nobody I mean everybody

Quote from Pat Tillman's brother (killed by friendly fire) speaks for itself:

"Somehow, the same incompetent, narcissistic, virtueless, vacuous, malicious criminals are still in charge of this country. Somehow, this is tolerated. Somehow, nobody is accountable for this."

Seriously - where is the accountability in our government? To the citizens? Because if it's merely in the voting polls, it's not enough. Don't other countries have referendums and such? A coup is too much to ask for, and too ridiculous, but seriously, something's got to give...

2 What'd you say?

Anonymous Sissy said...

Because for a very long time, power was kept in check by our system of governance. Sadly, it also takes a long time for "the people" to lift their heads from their own day-to-day lives and check in with government. This administration has effectively aggregated power in a way that damages the system itself. By the time we are impacted enough, as citizens, to check in or weigh in, it can be too late. Whether we agree or not with the atrocities this administration has imposed on our own people, and other nations entire, they have been effective. They have so far done what they set out to do. And now our nation needs a hero. We need an unspun, homespun, downhome, eloquent, brilliant, power-averse, leader. But then General Washington and Abraham Lincoln are dead. Whatever will we do...

11:30 AM, October 24, 2006  
Blogger Nick said...

Hey Brenda, sorry I haven't been pokin around the blog lately or in a while for that matter. Been getting myself situated down here in South Florida...retooling the Blog and getting back to writing again soon. Missed ya hon and hope things are goin good for ya up in the "Big Apple"

10:58 AM, November 16, 2006  

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