Thursday, May 18, 2006

Four Cousins and A Wedding

Yes, there was a point to all this Pittsburgh madness: my cousin Ryan's wedding! Now Ryan was born when I was 10 years old, so one can imagine what a milestone this was for me (by which I mean I feel old, by which I mean decrepit).

Once I awoke (Jared and Jaime had of course already been up for hours), I showered and then debated dress or slacks, dress or slacks. The dress won out when Jaime showed me hers (plus I knew my mom would probably be mad). To the ironing board! Literally.

Before I go on to the evening, I have to mention this weird doll my brother has hanging in the back window of his car.

Everytime I sat in the front seat I kept thinking someone was trying to get into the back of the car because I kept seeing the thing over my shoulder. Apparently it's from "The Planet of the Apes" although I don't know which one, Heston or Wahlburg. Anyway, it's weird.

So we drove, drove, drove out to the wedding for Ryan and Meghan. Now Ryan I had seen a few years ago when he came out in the Pittsburgh direction from school in Ohio, but Laura, Kendra and Alyssa I hadn't seen since 1998, aside from random pictures and MySpace profiles. Needless to say, I was excited.

The wedding was beautiful, of course: Meghan was gorgeous, Ryan was dashing, the preacher didn't stumble over TOO many of his words. I managed to not cry, although at several points I almost asked Jamie if she had brought any Kleenex (she hadn't) because it hadn't even occurred to me (it should have). The hardest was not to cry when Laura sang, because she looked so beautiful and did it so beautifully. (An aside: this was the first wedding in YEARS for which I was not asked to sing (gratefully) but I stupidly didn't figure out why until Laura grabbed the microphone - duh!)

The McClures:

The Bush's:

The Hatfield's:

I just would like to note here that the reception was, in fact, in OHIO! So in less than two weeks I've gone through New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Not bad for a homebody.

The reception was dry. And I don't mean that it was a witty send up at The Friar's Roast. I mean, no social lubrication. At a reception that probably could have used some (my side, not Meghan's, although my side probably wouldn't have been smart enough to use it - at least take the edge off, people!). While I love my folks, I utterly abhor tension, and there is definitely going to be tension with that many "grown-ups" around. Quizzing you on what you're doing now. Where you're living. Why did you cut your hair. Nevertheless, I obfuscated by taking myriads of pictures.

Aunt Adrienne (in black) talking with Aunt Susan Lynn and Aunt Pam on the right; Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott on the left:

The Susan Family (my Uncle Scott, Aunt Adrienne and my MOM!):

Cutting the Cake:

Cutting a Rug:

Jared & Jaime:

And last but not least, your moment of Zen: The Four Brendas

Me, Alyssa, Laura and Kendra.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel no guilt in having you sing at Jules and my wedding. As far as we are concerned, "It had to be you."

2:07 PM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger Gabe said...

You got me with the Hatfields. My browser framed it perfectly for the reveal and I almost got fired due to the mighty chortle I let out. Also, you look stunning in these shots, as I told you you would.

4:33 PM, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gilbert Blythe is still waiting for you to come home.

4:58 PM, May 20, 2006  

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