Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Being a brilliant person, I went to sleep Sunday night with earplugs in, knowing the kids would be getting up much nearer to the crack of dawn than I preferred. However, the catch-22 in that scenario is that once everyone was gone, it was so quiet I slept until about noon! I motivated to get up and get coffee (my sissy should own stock in their neighborhood Starbucks that is so close that "around the corner" does not quite describe it well enough), hung out with Kilee when he got home from school and then went down to Dupont Circle to meet Rebecca for dinner.

Wait! Isn't she an NYC friend? That's right, but she's here for work, so yay for me!

Then, looking over Beck's shoulder I saw this girl that looks EXACTLY like Tara from Accounting on Padre Nuestro:

I'm pretty sure it wasn't her, because a) what the hell would she be doing here; b) dressed like that?!? Anyway, if anyone knows...

After dinner, I found a place to play pool (of course I did - it's surprising that I wasn't in felt withdrawal by that point). And out of the 4 Yuengling's and 3 Jameson's I had, I paid for how many?


And that's including not having to pay for table time. That's ridiculous. Apparently the former New Yorker bartender was so enamored with the fact that I say "Word!" all the time that I became his pet for the evening. Which is all good. Even made sure I got into a cab and didn't get mugged.

Cab, you say? But Dupont Circle is only one stop away from Woodley Square!

You are correct my friend, but did you know that the Metro SHUTS DOWN AT NIGHT!!!! AT MIDNIGHT!!!! WAY BEFORE EVEN THE BARS CLOSE!!!!

It's unamerican.

2 What'd you say?

Blogger D said...

Well did you run the table all night or where you just "Hot Mama" pool candy for the local sharks?

9:03 PM, May 10, 2006  
Blogger Brenda said...

Nah, I basically ruined all of their preconceived notions. And they were actually all exceptionally nice about it. Except for this one dick. He came over when I was just shooting some 9-ball by myself:

Dick: What, are you trying to show off your skills?
Me: Noooo...just playing a game with myself.
Dick: Oh, cause you're not that good.

Whereupon I restrained myself from responding: With a stroke like yours, all choked and jerky, YOU are going to criticize ME? Puh-leez. Reckanize!!!


9:14 PM, May 10, 2006  

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