Friday, March 03, 2006

The Flame Wars of 3/3/06

Well, well, well. I've inadvertently started an email flame war among my friends by inviting them to celebrate my birthday. How, you ask? By including all of their emails in the [To:] line instead of the [BCC:] line. Why would you foolishly do that, you ask?

In the hopes that my glorious friends, upon seeing that I had missed a friend, would kindly inform the missed friend of the festivities.

For instance, Jay lives with Matt and knows Paul. I don't have Matt or Paul's emails anymore, but since I stated in the invite, "Please forward this to anyone I might have missed," I am counting on Jay to notice that Matt and Paul are not on the list and to let them know. Similarly Patrick is roommates with Jesse, who's email I've also misplaced, and I don't have time to dig through call sheets to find his number, CAUSE IT'S MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY.

So all I have to say about the whiny motherfuckers who can't be bothered with a few extra emails from my other friends, or are too "busy" to be interested in the etymology of "fie" and the status of my god-daughter, or finally, have lost their ability to blithely use their delete button: if you think this is bad, just wait until I submit your address to a spambot.

Just kidding. But, seriously, I'm starting to regret even trying to have a party. Why do some people just HAVE to bring it down?

Don't hate the player...hate the birthday girl.

2 What'd you say?

Blogger Gabe said...

I read here, on this post, that you're just kidding. Allow me to not be just kidding. Allow me to be dangerously serious when I say that people who are too self-important to stomach a few errant emails on their precious Blackberries get no sympathy. In fact, these people need to be violently fist-fucked to dislodge whatever meanspirited bile has plugged up their colons.

The proletariat has spoken.

4:18 PM, March 03, 2006  
Blogger Nick said...

Huzzah for the Birthday girl....

Huzzah for the fist-fucking of those asshats that are so inconsiderate in the first place...mew mew mew, I can hear it now...But I don't want any mass amounts of emails from people I know...Tough shit...suck it up pussy boys and girls. I'm with Gabe on this one...although I think the fist that should be used is a cast iron metal one without any type of lube whatsoever so they can feel every last little burr on the way in and it just might drag out the bullshit on it's way out...

10:45 AM, March 05, 2006  

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