Friday, June 09, 2006

Seriously, I suck

The chagrin I feel at having not posted in SOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOooooo long is acute. The guilt I feel when checking my site stats and finding that I had 62 visits (62!!!!) this week alone. The horror at the realization that people are coming back again and again, hoping against hope that there'll be something new, and being disappointed, time after time.

Well, enough of that. Because this will now be...






And, no, I'm not going to type every word down the page like that, to make it literally long (or is that figuratively - is this a view point thing?). But there will be photos! There will be video!!! There will be naked dancing girls!!!!!

Ha ha, just kidding, or as I learned from my new PM today, j/k. When will the transfer of chat acronyms to spoken language stop? Please, somebody, take back the bastard, red-headed stepchild known as English. I and William Safire beg you.

So I got back from Pittsburgh in one piece, as you may have gathered. Played a pool match the night I returned, and lost. To an expectant mother. It's like insult to injury, the woman had to play for two and she still beat me. Grrrr.

And Gabe and I reunited once a) he woke up to how awesome he is and b) I woke up to what's really important in this world. And that would be true love. And, no, I didn't just get sappy on you. I mean it. So there. Suck on that.

Then I did some make-up for a TV show true crime reenactment. Did I mention it was set in the late 70's?

And then there was Purim's birthday dinner...

Then we went upstate to Mike and Beck's where there were many activities such as...

Chair Making

Jenga Playing


Baby Activities!

Flower Planting (with Masonry Action! - that's right, I do my own masonry)

And last but not least...the Infamous Watering Hole!

Then, as if all those festivities weren't enough, Gabe & I went to his friend's birthday party in Brooklyn...

where the finer qualities of a proper Absinthe pour were recorded for posterity (and possible legal ramifications)...

Finally, to wrap my latest, longest blog up, here is your moment of Zen...Gabe's pained face as I trounce him, yet again, at Scrabble.

Do you feel caught up? I do.

4 What'd you say?

Blogger Gabe said...

I'm keeping the picture of the woman and her battered head. Then I will fry her battered head and eat it with french fried potatoes.

11:53 AM, June 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda,
Just wanted to say hi, it is Chere Williams from high school, Delilah told me you were on my space and i looked you up. Love your blog. Hope you are doing well, i live in DC if you are ever in the area give me a call or email me at my phone # 202-281-9317 but i just dropped it and messed it up so it should be up and running in a couple days. Hope to hear from you!

1:47 PM, June 12, 2006  
Anonymous kip said...

"detainer"? that's a level of scrabble i know exists, but can never hope to attain...

11:45 PM, June 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! French Stewart!

Give it up, Brenda baby, everybody knows what a cold, shallow witch you are.

10:07 AM, July 01, 2006  

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