Saturday, October 14, 2006

In the dead of night

Why is it that the things that we want, don't seem to want us? Is it because they're wrong for us? Or is it because they're just harder to get?

And why does this sound like freakin' Sarah Jessica Parker on that abomination Sex In The City?

Seriously, though. A) I can't believe this is my first blog topic in 4 months; B) What is the deal with our desires/longings/egos?. Is it that we will always want what we can't have? Or is it that the things that we can have lose their allure because they make it easy? Is the grass always greener, even if you know it's not?

Heady questions, uneasily answered, perhaps even rhetorical. Nevertheless a continuous concern. By which I mean annoying. By which I mean, why?

On another note (no pun intended) I also realized that I hadn't put any notice on here about my new, very, very lo-fi recordings. So there it is. Your moment of Zen. Or something.

1 What'd you say?

Blogger evilscientist said...

See that? A late night text message can spur you on to do blog entries after a long layoff. Who'da thunk it?

1:04 PM, October 16, 2006  

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