Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Using lubricant

My, God, when did my nights out become, "I'm not drunk enough yet, I must increase my consumption?" I mean, hell, if I'm that bored to notice, I should freakin' leave. But then that would mean going home. Alone. To the nagging suspicion that somewhere, out there, I'm missing the good time to be had. So "let me have another Harp...and a Jameson, neat" has become part of the ritual.

Why does it seem that so many of our thirty-nothing social activities center around drinking? When's the last time somebody said to you, "Hey, I've got a Scrabble board...wanna come over and play - I'll make lemonade?" No, it's poker and beers, or pool and beers, or darts and beers, or beers and beers. Do we lack the necessary confidence to just entertain without lubricant? Do we lack creativity? Are we so bored with ourselves that we seek distraction from the fact that our lives are nowhere near where we imagined them to be when we were younger? I certainly don't have the answer, but I'm pretty sure it's yes.

Monday, May 16, 2005

How does she do it?

I have several different remedies for hangovers...these vary between the severity and cause.

Remedy 1: Emergen-C. This is usually useful if I did eat appropriately the day before and was not sloshing it away on an empty stomach.

Remedy 2: Tylenol-Sinus. This is more of a time-sensitive remedy, i.e. I don't have the time to sit at home and nurse my hangover.

Remedy 3: Plain yogurt/Kefir. This is usually indicated if I feel that my stomach will react strongly to real food, causing the whole afternoon to be based on my location vis-à-vis restroom facilities. Yes I know I'm a girl. Yes it happens. The world goes on.

Remedy 4: Not getting out of bed. Ever. Now, while this isn't really a remedy, it should be noted that often the hangover is strong enough to necessitate total horizontal positioning. If I could levitate to the sink to get water, that'd be awesome, but I can't, so roomie could you get me some? Roomie? Roomie?

Remedy 5: Fried Pork Dumplings from the Chinese Place. Usually accompanied by Cold Sesame Noodles to make the $6 minimum for delivery.

Remedy 6: Finally, for the extreme deadly hangover, an Everything Pizza. This is bound to upset the delicate digestive tract, but sometimes only the salty succulent richness of all four food groups will do. Plus it keeps well in the fridge for the next day's hangover.

Ubiquitous Remedy: Coffee, light and sweet. Always good (even for those "I didn't drink last night, why the hell do I feel hungover" days).

Now almost all of these rememdies are generally combined in some way or another...I haven't run the calculations on the possible permutations and needless to say I won't be pinned down.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Night Post Mortem

Ah, weekends in Brooklyn is like living in the land that MTA forgot. I spent quite some time navigating trains today...which probably would have been more annoying had I not already been hungover/sleepy/exhausted from last night's exploits. Which were all very fun, indeed.

But how do you determine the type of fun? Serious fun? Noncomittal fun? Once-in-a-blue-moon fun? Bound to progress and happen again fun? Fool to do your dirty work fun? For a ruminator like me (as opposed to a ruminant, which is slightly different and involves cud) this is just too much unclear fodder. I want answers! Though I'm not likely to get them - at least not in anyway that wouldn't be mortifying. So I'll continue to blaze along in the dark, waiting for dropped hints and checking my inbox/phone/carrier pigeon for signs that I'm not a complete ninny.