Monday, June 09, 2008

Ain't it awful, the heat, ain't it awful?

(a lovely line from the Kurt Weil opera, Street Scene, and a very appropriate one for today)

If there's one topic that people can talk about freely, across generations, sexual orientations, gender gaps and political bents it's the weather. You can complain, commiserate, marvel or curse it. You can reminisce about past weather, fantasize about future weather (oh, Wednesday, will you ever get here) or just bask in a shared opinion about the current weather. Discussing the weather never led to a bar fight that I know of, and has likely been the opening line in quite a few nascent relationships. Weather - it's what's for dinner!

The best part is, for most of us, the subject is completely unpredictable. Sure, sure, there are meteorologists and the local weather pinup guys and gals (I swear, complete dental coverage MUST come with that job). But, really, how often are any of them correct. Or even close to correct. Which makes it a great topic! I mean, there is no right answer. Think about the arguments that surround any broaching of topics in politics, religion, sports. That's because everyone has an opinion, and by God, their's is the right one and if only you would get your head out of your ass to see it.

No one argues about the weather. So in spite of the relentless agonizing heat that has trapped me in my air-conditioned room like some prisoner (it's small enough, as rooms go, to really give you that ole jailbird magic), I like the weather. And the good news is that it won't stay this way forever.

Oh, wait. Right. Global warming.

Le sigh.

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