Saturday, October 20, 2007

Think of the Children

This in from regarding the recent arrest of an alleged Canadian pedophile that has been all over the news:

Earlier in the week, there had been searches across the country, with Thai police scouring bars and hostels Neil is known to have visited in the past. In the seedy Thai coastal resort town of Pattaya, police questioned owners of bars where underage boys, they said, could be procured for sex. At least one bar owner told them he recognized Neil's face. He had been a regular, the owner said, according to police.

Okay, I'm ALL behind getting the predator. But, seriously, the police knew where to look, aka they know that underage boys (or girls) are being sold (molested) and they know where.

Shouldn't the larger question be why these places aren't being prosecuted/put of of business/burned to the ground? I know there will always be a black market for such things, and the desirers and procurers of such activities should be a target, but what of the facilitators? These children are not hosting their own parties, so to speak; there are perpetrators using them. Why are these crimninals not the ones that are sought after, to face punishment? What the fuck?

Don't just treat the symptom, treat the damn cause!