Thursday, November 22, 2007

Capsaicin: Or How I Learned To Fear The Bomb

So I've made the mistake of not posting here for far too long. Unfortunately, that is not the only mistake I've made. Recently.

I've made the mistake, only discovered now, of making chili. That may not seem a mistake to you, nor is it, in and of itself, a mistake to me. However, precautions should have been taken.

And they weren't.

And now I live in fear of scratching my eyes. Because, fair reader, I have scratched the oh so tender membranes around my nose. And they live in fear.

Fear, my friend, of capsaicin.

And I washed myself in mayonnaise (my hands I mean and several times). And yet, hours later, I scratch my lips and there's still a burn. My God.

Seriously, I decided to test the peppers before putting them in the brew. Just get a taste so I would be able to judge how much to put in?

I ended up icing my lips. Icing. My lips. Cubes of ice. What the F is up with that? And after twice "cleaning" with mayonnaise. I seriously thought I might be in for some blister action (thankfully not). But seriously.

I don't think I can safely go to sleep without a shower. I've washed my hands again and again, but nothing cleans your hands like washing your hair (something girls around would agree about heartily).

I wish I had something more serious to write about, but I have no doubt that will happen very, very soon. Have no fear.

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