Tuesday, July 12, 2005

And once again, a fellow Pennsylvanian makes a name for himself...

You gotta hand it to the Republicans - they really know how to righteously use inflammatory remarks. If a Democrat said the same thing they'd be called on the carpet for "clouding" the debate, or worse, sensationalizing it. But Republicans? They really get people to believe their shit does not stink.

Apparently, my fellow PA'er Rick Santorum has got it into his head that abortion is equal to slavery. Please, let's try to follow his logic:
In the book, Santorum makes the case that abortion puts the liberty rights of the mother before those of her child, just as the rights of slave owners were put before those of slaves.

"This was tried once before in America," Santorum writes. "But unlike abortion today, in most states even the slaveholder did not have the unlimited right to kill his slave."

A few quibbles - unlimited right? Since the "partial birth" act, how is abortion an unlimited right? And liberty rights? That fetus is at liberty to get out of the woman's body. In fact, aren't its rights to liberty threatened by its dependent state on the womb? Okay, I'm stretching it here a little, folks, but I get patently offended when people misappropriate an argument from a volatile subject. You cannot apply the same measures to both situations. And to use an argument that will only elicit screed from all sides, just BECAUSE it will do precisely that.

I just don't understand how they get away with it.

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Blogger Gabe said...

you know, these pro-life assholes are just too much. a little logic from George Carlin on the question of whether or not a fetus is a human bein:

"If a fetus is a human being, home come the Census doesn't count them?

If a fetus is a human being, home come when there's a miscarriage, they don't have a funeral?

If a fetus is a human being, how come people say 'we have two children, and one on the way' instead of saying 'we have three children?'"

There is little to no consistency with this pro-life claptrap and, to quote Carlin again, these people aren't "pro-life," they're "anti-woman."

12:47 AM, July 13, 2005  

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