Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm back, so what: Ptown Tour - Day 5

Well, we picked a good day to leave. The weather just turned, and while not bad, it's quite damp/humid and just a little rainy. Therefore, every part of my body feels like it aches. :(

Yes, I just used an emoticon. I did mention aching, didn't I? Now, be good, and don't tease me about it.

Went to my new favorite food place this morning, the Beach Grill (which is not on the beach, so makes it's own).

This is where I have internet and phone signals. Yay. Although, people up here are weird when they see me using my computer...

Cook at Beach Grill: Are ya in one of those chat rooms?

Ranger at the Harbor: Well that there computer should show you where to go. (Noting that I had no internet access was wasted on the old-timer)

Drunk gay boys at night, after knocking on the car window: Are you looking for where to go? Just go to

Thanks, boys. Seriously, just checking my email. And working on my undercover CIA skills. Obviously more work needed in that area.

Everybody's very inquisitive, and for some reason, nobody seems to feel the need to say, "Excuse me," before beginning to talk to you. Weird.

So, anyway, I had some lovely poached eggs and toast, blogged to my heart's delight and generally hung out while John had lunch elsewhere with some people. He came back to get me, and off into the wild blue yonder we went. And then, nostalgia setting in, we decided we had to visit the Village Cafe in North Truro one last time.

Well, apparently John was still hungry. And I was happy to partake of more coffee (this time, I judiciously blended the Vanilla Creme and Hazelnut since there was no Raspberry Chocolate goodness to be had). So we once again sat out on the terrace, where John tried to convince a sparrow to take part of the bits of brownie he had tossed on the ground. Apparently, the sparrow could not grasp the concept of John pointing at the contributed food bits. Either that or he was on the South Beach Diet.

Having partaken of the kindness of the Trurorians, it was back to the road once more for the dynamic duo. And what surprises lie in store???

I found out that I like licorice.

Wearing flip-flops can be hazardous to your health.

Roadtrips can be boring if you're not the driver.

Yes, that is the ceiling of the car. Yes, that is my hand. Yes, I was bored.

We're now in New York State, almost home.

Thank God. The Chronicles of Narcissusnia have come to an end, for now.

Travelling down the West Side Highway.
John: What happens in Provincetown, stays in Provincetown.
Brenda: Except for the fact that I've plastered it all over the Internet.
John: Pretty sneaky, sis!!!!

2 What'd you say?

Anonymous D said...

You look like you have a Hitler mustache in this photo. I'd follow you into Belgium. Heil Brenda!

1:27 AM, August 31, 2005  
Blogger Brenda said...

That's what a girl ALWAYS loves to hear.
must research laser hair removal...must research laser hair removal

10:02 AM, August 31, 2005  

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