Thursday, August 11, 2005

Always a bridesmaid...

So, not more than one month after I decided to quit the music theater world forever (observe the title, no more explanation needed), the phone call comes. Would I reprise my role as Young Garbo for the 100th anniversary of Greta Garbo's birthday? Well, duh, of course I would. Would you like fries with that, too?

Such a wanton slut for attention and praise am I. I mean, really.

So the bad news is that I made a decision and didn't even come close to sticking to it. The good news is that I get to perform in a theater piece again. The bad news is that one castmate has verbal colitis. Seriously. The good news is that I get paid.

That's right, folks. Off-off-broadway AND I'm getting paid for it. Once in a blue moon, people, once in a blue.

Here's a picture from the production we did (ready, I'm about to take the plunge and date myself) 7 (that's right S-E-V-E-N) years ago (my castmate in the picture is Denise Girona-Hernandez as Mercedes de Acosta, who, due to the pared down nature of this newer version, will not be taking part):

And here's part of a song (also recorded, ugh, seven years ago) from Chez Garbo, with Gregory Purnhagen as Joe (star of cabaret and Philip Glass recordings, who will also be doing this reprise) and Jason Fleck as Mauritz Stiller:

In The Quiet Hours

I will say it is a little strange to rememorize something you memorized that long ago...what parts stay with you and which ones don't. Obviously, the music is the easiest.

And, finally, all this may mean that I am finally going blonde for real. Again. Stay tuned.