Monday, November 28, 2005're one of THOSE

So, my morning has gotten off to an oh-so-fun start. After specifically asking my talent not to run his hands through his hair, he walks two feet from me, checks his visage in the window of the pass van, and proceeds to do just that.
"I think it would be a bit more messed up."

Really? You think? Never mind that both you and the director said he should have a "slick" look. Never mind that the script specifically mentions that your character is now "all cleaned up." Never mind that the director said your hair is too poofy. Go ahead, run your hands through it. Certainly a male model turned actor knows more than a department head. Who has done more movies than you, by the way. Bay-atch.

It's going to be one of those shoots. I can feel it. Trying to keep continuity is going to make me crazy. Why do actors think they get to have an opinion on everything? My character this, my character that. My character's going to put a foot up your ass...what's your opinion on that?

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