Monday, November 28, 2005

Tomorrow...I mean Today...I mean this Morning...

I have to be on set in 5.5 hours. That means I'll probably be getting 3.5 hours of sleep. Oh, it's going to be a F.U.N. day!!! Where F.U.N. stands for Fucking Unagreeably Nasty. And by that I refer to myself, dear readers. I'm going to be oh so F.U.N. tomorrow...I mean today...I mean in 3.5 hours when my alarm goes off.

But fear not, just because I have a new feature does not mean that you will be summarily abandoned as you were last time. No, I have learned my lesson and am commiting to blog every day of shooting. The insights gained will be boundless. Or maybe they will be tied up with ribbons. With little curliques at the ends. That are made with scissors. Yay.

Plus, this feature is much more low-key than the other. The bulk of it takes place in one location and I have three main characters who are all male. My main concern will be continuity, since the entire film takes place over one day. Gotta keep the hair from growing.

I just had a strange image of the Dunkin Donuts guy in my head (as in, "Time to make the Donuts"). Time to trim the sideburns.


I'll add a pic from the end of the last shoot, just to make your day (and stroke my ego...nice ego...nice nice ego).

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Blogger D said...

You look like you're in a Snoop Dogg video in this picture. WESTSIDE!!!!!!

12:05 AM, December 01, 2005  

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